Lockdown Thoughts

Those summer days when we were allowed out

As we enter spring and the lockdown soon to be eased, my thoughts on what to do and where to go.

Training for my 10k

Started 2020 with a resolution, to lose weight. Started with the couch to 5K then completed the 5 to 10K, running 3 times a week

I went from 15st 13lb to 14st and still remain there to this day

Camping in style

The hazy days of sunshine, with many long weekends away, visiting places of intetest. My home followed me wherever I travelled.

Walks on those hot summer days

Those scenic walks, more like route marches. No matter where the location a good walking route was fiund, from a mere 3k to 21k walk.

Zip World adventures

To add to the excitement I was not short of adventure. The trip to Zip Word where I completed every event.

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