Prostate Cancer UK Cycle Ride Day Twenty One

Driving to work this morning, I was thinking (yes I know I should be concentrating on the road ahead) how the idea of 300 miles in a month sounded so easy, yet I could not have been further from the truth.

With the odd hiccup along the way, such as falling of, my catheter leaking even having my second vaccination has not stopped my determination to complete the task I set myself.

Today was no different, after having my bike serviced I found im having chain slip, with adjustments yesterday I hoped would resolve the issue.

Today however things just got worse, the chain slipped on all gears. So today’s ride was more stressful than hard, and now it’s at the shop waiting to be repaired.

Due to Rotary meeting tomorrow evening I won’t be cycling but will give a final push this weekend.

Completed 11 miles today, that’s 250 in total leaving me 50 miles to do before the end of April

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