Prostate Cancer UK Cycle Ride Day Twenty Six

Back at the end of March I decided, with no real thought or planning to cycle a total of 300 miles during April. Although based on doing 10 miles a day or extra at weekends, my task was made harder by two main factors.

1. I’m hard of hearing and wear two hearing aids, which means I don’t have the balance, I either hold on it fall off.

2. I wear a catheter this as you can image is uncomfortable at the best if times, but even worse when sitting on a cycle seat and riding.

But the challenge was set in my mind and I was determined to see this through.

I’ve fallen off my bike, crashed, even had issues with catheter (leave that to your imagination), had bad stomach pains, and attended the odd Rotary meeting but still keen to complete the task.

Completed 12 miles today, total miles 303 miles.

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